Half term happenings

Unusually for us we aren’t up at the cottage when the kids are off school for half term.  As my husband is saving his annual leave for our Florida trip in February, so the kids are home all week, and enjoying it! There hasn’t been much of a schedule, and after a busy couple of months I think we all were ready for this break.

There has been some pumpkin carving

and some more autumn decor around the house

I made this autumn word art for the mantle piece

I tried a delicious new slow cooker recipe –  bacon wrapped chicken with BBQ sauce and apples. I will share it soon.

Tomorrow night will be Fall Fest in our church – we have a non-scary alternative fun and free event for the community. It is a very popular event, with lots of families coming along. I think I am down to help with the badge-making craft.

My jewellery making for www.janmarydesigns.com is stepping up a notch for the pre-Christmas rush. I am attending a few local craft fairs, restocking some shops, and still available for direct orders too.

These beaded watches are a popular new addition this season – available in a wide range of colours.

And these owl earrings are very popular too

I have been dabbling in some felting recently too – both wet felting and needle felting. Not quite ready to share my creations yet, but soon……

So, how is life with you?

Is it half-term wherever you are?

If you have been effected by the recent hurricane Sandy I pray you and your family are safe. My son has been fascinated by it, watching the destruction and power of nature is both awesome and scary.


  1. Elizabeth holder says

    You made me laugh ! I will return for photos ! I love the new heart necklaces you added also the other day – I bet the kids are really looking forward to Disney – its not that far away – do the kids go trick or treating also? Enjoy time with the kids

  2. Kate's Treasures says

    Hello Janine, it looks like you’ve had a lovey time and you’re still so busy :) Can’t wait to see the photos of your new felting hobby… The watch is lovely!
    We’re fine but the break wasn’t so nice as my kids (yes all 3) had scarlet fever so they/we were grounded for nearly 3 weeks :( Now everything is back to normal and I can get back to my work and hobby :)
    Take care


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Half Term Happenings

It is lovely to be back at the cottage after almost 2 months of the daily hectic-ness that is every day life.

Here there are “lie-ins” – well, later than 6.50am, so that counts! There are no school uniforms, packed lunches and school runs. There is NO HOMEWORK! (HoweverMiddle Daughter is continuing to work hard towards her transfer test/entrance exams in November/December despite being on holiday)

We still have the cooking, cleaning and laundry etc, but the kids love to get involved with the cooking at least!  Not sure what we would do without eggs though – french toast, boiled, scrambled, poached and fried – they can produce them all!

Yesterday we had a walk on the beach at Runkerry Strand

This is the River Bush just before it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

 After sunday lunch in Ballycastle I persuaded the family to indulge me by returning home via the Dark Hedges – one of my favourite places to photograph.  I think this has been my first visit in Autumn – it was a crisp sunny autumnal day.

I am managing to create quite a bit of jewellery up at the cottage – the small table in the sun-room is my work bench.  I will post some of my latest JanMary Designs creations later in the week.

Plans are well under way for a Coffee Morning and Jewellery Party on 12 November, with donations and percentage of jewellery sales going to Friends of the Cancer Centre @ City Hospital, Belfast.  

I am looking for some new, easy, tried and tested recipes for buns, cupcakes or tray bakes, so if you have any suggestions be sure to link me up :)

So, have you any plans for this week? Do share!


  1. says

    wish I were up there right now – by a fire!! Nothing exciting planned this week except for editing photos!!!
    Maybe I need to get out and do some shooting -
    enjoy your week away from the norm!!!

  2. says

    oh…i like your idea for donating your proceeds! you have such a good heart…God will surely bless you more.
    in case you get new recipes..(or even the old ones you have for your coffee morning..) can you share them? but sorry i cannot share anything…
    have a wonderful party and enjoy your stay in the cottage! oh..by the way…beautiful photos as always!

  3. bentonflocke says

    great idea with the party – sad it´s too far away for me ;-(

    lucky you at the cottage – like all the great shots of the surroundings there

  4. says

    Can’t wait to see your creations &i wish you success on your sales. I’m sure it will be a huge success! I was just passed an easy and speedy cake recipe that might just be the ticket for yiu – will email it to you later today when I am on the real computer and typing is easier. Forgive me for not being here for an entire week – whoosh, that one went by in a flash!!!

    The first photo you have posted – it is STUNNING! I am breath taken by it! To imagine you can visit there often – wow! I too would be asking to be taken back to the beautiful trees as well. I wonder how long those trees will last, and if whoever planted them in the first place ever dreamed they would be so famous.

    Hoping you have a wonderful day!

    Love, Barb

  5. says

    Those photos are hauntingly and strikingly beautiful! I visited Ireland in September and these pictures just make me want to go back.

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