London 2012 Olympics Week 1

After the Opening Ceremony last Friday night, there was definitely an increased interest in the 2012 London Olympics in our house.

I have even watched some of the events live on my iphone (when using wifi – not 3G!) – in fact I watched Tom Daly dive while at my son’s swimming lesson – while the Olympic divers were doing their synchronized “thing” I was watching 7 year olds splash into the deep end of the 10m pool in Ballinderry!

After a slowish start with the medals, Team GB are moving up the medals table.  A few Northern Ireland competitors have all done well with 3 Coleraine rowers winning Silver and Bronze.  Swimming, gymnastics, cycling and rowing have probably been the most popular sports in our house this week, although I am looking forward to the athletics too.

We have several friends who have attended Olympic events this week, and one has agreed to do a guest blog post on this blog to share her experiences – so watch this space!

I have come across a few online articles about photographing the Olympics which I found fascinating

A vitural Canon sweetie shop

How the professional photographers get those amazing images

And finally some Pinterest Olympic humor

So what is your view of the Olympics so far? Are you glued to it, or over it already?

What has been your favourite event?

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test using blogger

using blogger and keyboard.
don’t know where image is

tryinging now using bloggit app

now trying using default brower

and now using chrome!!


now for another pic!

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Review of Bananagram – fun family game

I bought this Bananagram game at Britmums Live conference in London last month for a number of reasons:

  • 1. It was promoted as a game for all ages (from 7 up)
  • 2. It was Olympic 2012 special addition and I was in London and promised to bring home a souvenir
  • 3. It looked fun while being educational too
  • 4. Easily transported for family holidays

We have already played it with friends and family …. and it has been very popular.

 The rules are easy, and it can be fun working in team with some of the younger players

The frequent request on completing a game is “just one more game please”

At Britmums I did see a number of other games from makers of Bananagrams and I would be certainly keen to try some more. This game was purchased by me, and all opinions expressed are entirely my own – promise!

What is your favourite family game?

1 comment on Review of Bananagram – fun family game

  1. Barbara Derksen
    02/08/2012 at 3:33 am (2 years ago)

    Looks like a hoot!  I can’t remember the last time we played a game, so sad!   We hope to go camping in the fall and then we will do that – my Mr. bought a Stratego game at a yard sale, he has fond childhood memories of it so guess who will be learning?  Have you ever heard of it? 

    Thanks for sharing! 



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