Monday Musings

It’s been a busy week since returning from our house swap in Cotswolds, England.

We spent most of it back up at our cottage, so our daughters could attend On The Edge, the teen evening programme at New Horizon Christian conference in Coleraine.

I was able to attend on Friday evening – it was challenging and inspiring, and maybe next year we will manage to attend more of the conference!

Also during the week we met up with some friends for coffee/ice-cream in Portstewart

On another evening friends from England who were over on hcoliday met up with us for a trip to Barry’s.  All 6 kids had a great – all (ages 15 to 7) went together on the Cyclone.

Tonight is the start of REFRESH, a kids club at our church this week – the primary school kids come for an hour of games, craft and story, then the older kids come for coffee bar, sport and dance.

 We will end the Refresh week with a family BBQ.

Yesterday my father-in-law visited and brought his very cute dog Pippi with him.

There are now FOUR of us in our family who would love a dog, but my husband is remaining the sensible, practical one……for now!  How could you resist such a cute dog?

She is a Miniature Schnauzer ….. and very adorable….and tolerant all the attention she was receiving!

What is happening in your world this week?

Please share in the comments below.

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