Lessons learned this week

I seem to have got into a sort of a pattern here of posting on Tuesdays and Fridays., but I think if I didn’t not sure how much blogging I would actually achieve!

So it’s Tuesday, so I am back with a few lessons learned:

1. Just when we thought the snow had gone for this winter – it’s back! At least it wasn’t so bad on the roads this morning, and it didn’t lie for too long before it thawed.

2. Soon we will be enjoying these glorious temperatures in Orlando (don’t hate me!). Also planning to meet up with a few bloggy friends – can’t wait!

3. I usually hate graffitti but I must admit that this made me smile …. and it matched the red door perfectly….

4. I realise that nearly every picture I put on my blog now comes from my iphone – my DSLR rarely sees the light of day. I am almost considering not taking my DSLR to Orlando – but I know I would regret it! 

5. I had an application to submit for my jewellery, and I had to illustrate the connection between my jewellery designs and Northern Ireland.  This was part of my application

6.  One of the first bloggers I discovered was The Big Mama, the lovely Melanie – I just love her humour and natural style of writing ….. and she has written a book Sparkly Green Earrings – watch this and find out more (warning – you might need a tissue!)

I can’t wait to buy the book – and hopefully I will find my own copy on a shelf in Florida next week! (If not I’ll buy it online when I get home)

7. I learned that I don’t enjoy filling in applications to have my jewellery accepted by various panels – but they are a necessary evil, and well worth it when I am successful…. watch this space!

So what have you learned? Please share!

For more lessons learned from lovely bloggers visit Julie

2 comments on Lessons learned this week

  1. elizabeth
    06/02/2013 at 2:21 am (2 years ago)

    You will have amazing Florida weather when you get here bring lots of sunscreen – I sar outside for just an hour to take a break from packing and my face is nice and pink!! Will see you in a few days

  2. Julie
    06/02/2013 at 3:26 am (2 years ago)

    Just a few observations:

    1. I am TIRED of snow. It is 27 here today and I am too old to be cold.
    2. I love your jewelry application.
    3. You will love Orlando! Now that I think of it, you’ve probably visited there before.
    4. You are the ONLY blogger of all of those linking who actually linked back to me, and I really appreciate it. I don’t really want to be a hag about it, but it’s the right thing to do when you’re participating in a linky, so THANKS!
    5. I appreciate you linking up faithfully!


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