Coffee Time – a guest post!

When prompted to write a blog post about coffee, it was definitely a challenge….. as I haven’t touched the stuff in over 20 years!

I did drink coffee as a teen, but as I gradually took it weaker and weaker, sweeter and sweeter, I realized I didn’t really like the taste of it any more! Apart from the odd coffee flavoured chocolate picked from the box of chocolates at Christmas I tend to avoid all things coffee related. So I know nothing really about coffee machines, cafetieres or french presses, although they look pretty! I do feel a bit anti-social when I meet friends for a coffee, and they order they various coffees….. and I usually order a diet coke!

So ….. back to my prompt to write about coffee

I turned to my husband for help ….. he loves his coffee-fix(es) as you can see in this special guest post and photo by him.


the first point is simple – less is more
Just give me a coffee.  Just a coffee.  No extras.
I am not impressed when you ask if I want a shot of whatever.  It’s coffee and it does not need to be anything else.  Yes I’ll accept milk, even frothy milk, and yes I am a sucker for a latte.  
However vanilla is for ice cream.  Caramel is for mars bars.  I don’t want to think what a mocha is.
Then there is that habit of clever chocolate powder pictures on the surface of the foam.  Pretty yes.  Necessary?  No.
One of my favourite times to buy coffee is on the way to work.  Imagine I have slept poorly – I’m feeling jaded.  Not quite awake.  The temptation builds on the way to work to pick up that latte to go – after all it’s almost on my way.  On my gym mornings it is after all just opposite the gym.  Anyway hopefully it’s hot enough to get to my office and still be just right.  Starting my day with that warm, satisfying arousing aroma.
My favourite time of the day to make coffee at home is a weekend morning.  Freshly ground beans, poured into a cafetiere for one.  Boiling water added, plunged slowly.  Dash of milk in my favourite blue denby mug, and watch the rich dark liquid as you pour.  Then sneak outside (in summer anyway) in my PJs and sit on a private garden seat listening to the morning chorus.  Nothing beats it.  It is a lot to do with the coffee ceremony.
My second favourite time is a summer evening after a stressful day at work.  Tea dishes sorted and retire to the back garden.  Savour the aroma.  Sit on that favourite but private bench. Feel the sun’s final rays of the day.  The day is over and it’ s ending well.
And my third choice is an espresso after an enjoyable meal out.  It’s just the way it’s supposed to be.  Small but punchy!  It belongs.  If I have decided to throw caution to the wind I may be daring and and order a double espresso, waving goodbye to a restful nights sleep.
How do you like your coffee? (if at all!)Disclaimer – this post was brought to you by John Lewis, but all opinions expressed are my own, or my husband’s!

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