Another Blustery Day by the Sea

I only ventured out (of the cottage) once today, to capture some spectacular breaking waves in Portballintrae. LOTS of pics ……..

 I was at Runkerry Strand – which is just round the coast from the Giants Causeway, where I imagine there were also impressive waves today.



It was more than a wee bit windy, and I was glad to get back in the car, and back to the cottage and spend my afternoon with a warm laptop and a blazing open fire.

What did you do (or not do!) today?

I’ll be back tomorrow with my Review of 2012 post. Be sure to join me.

1 comment on Another Blustery Day by the Sea

  1. Andrew
    31/12/2012 at 7:04 am (2 years ago)

    Ah the waves are wonderful. I feel like surfing there! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics!


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