Another birthday

Yesterday I turned 45!

I look so young don’t I?!!!

No huge celebrations – but some lovely flowers and cards.

You know, as a blog reader, I am a bit camera shy, but here are a few not-so-recent photos of me

Before the days of car seats and seat belts!

This was me with “bunbun”


I had already received my present  Рhalf of an Asus Transformer TF300 tablet РI bought the over half myself!

It is similar to an iPad in that it has a touch screen, but also has a detachable keyboard which turns it into a mini-laptop/net-book.

I can also download photos direct to the tablet as it has a USB port. We already have two ipads in our home, so I thought a 3rd would be excessive, much as I love Apple.

It is so much more portable than my humungous laptop – it is so large and heavy, however I still have to refine my blogging skills and photo editing on the tablet, but I am getting there!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes sent via email, facebook, twitter and real-mail too!


  1. Marcia (123 blog) says

    A big happy birthday to you! Your gift sounds awesome :) and those baby pics are the cutest things ever! EVER!

  2. says

    Happy Birthday again, my friend

    Awww – you were so CUTE and now you’re not hard to look at either haha! Thank you so much for sharing your darling baby pics.

    What a wonderful choice as a gift, I’d seen these and thought they sound dandy!

    Hope your whole year is the best ever! Ah, to be 45 again!!!


  3. Suzie Hull says

    happy birthday janine, you look so cute in those photos! i didn’t realise you were born the same year as all the boys. You look so much younger than them all though!

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