Tuesday Musings and Lessons Learned this Week

I have been preparing a talk/presentation for a local women’s church group about my jewellery/digital scrapbooking/blog/faith and I have realised the following:

 Here are a few of my favourite layouts:

In fact it was digital scrapbooking that led me to blogging (I was on several digital scrapbook designers Creative Teams, and needed a blog to showcase their layouts).

I am still married of course, but I now have THREE kids, I left the bank and now work from home, primarily making and selling jewellery in shops throughout Northern Ireland and beyond!

2 March, Lagan Island Arts Centre in Lisburn, at 1.30pm – Book now!
Here are a few of my favourite iphone photos

  1.  I am amazed that I ever understood how to solve Simultaneous Quadratic Equations (and if this is only 4th year Additional Maths)
  2. That I still remember some of the Economics I learned at school
  3. That having school exams a week into January sort of ruins the Christmas break as the kids spend a lot of it either revising, or feeling guilty for not revising
  4. Having your exams BEFORE Christmas would be much more civilised. Wonder could we start a campaign?

Have you learned anything this week? Please share, or join in with Julie over at From Inmates to Playdates (she used to work in a prison – hence the blog name)

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